One truth in life is that nothing stays the same, and history repeats itself.  In that mind, we have taken the opportunity this year to try an old approach with our grant application.

Rather than asking multiple individual questions to try to understand the work you are doing, we have returned to a narrative format (guided by specific questions that must be addressed in your response).  We hope that you will be able to tell your story in a way that allows us to more fully understand how your program assists your clients.  You will have up to 10,000 characters available to create your response, but it is not a requirement that you use all the available space.

We look forward to reading your responses, and hope to more fully understand the assistance your clients are receiving from your agency.

All of us at the Flint Family Foundation feel so happy and honored to work with Tulsa’s wonderful nonprofits.  You do the tough work that we cannot, and we are deeply grateful to you!

Please contact Sharon Walsh, 918-710-3331, if you have any questions.